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my job is to help you find balance.
& create a life and business that compliment one another


My business is about collaboration.

I’m here to get to know you, to identify your lifestyle AND work goals so we can make a plan, together.

I work side-by-side with small business owners to create the systems and strategies that allow you to meet and exceed your business goals.

My mission: to make your business work for you.

I don't believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to online business or entrepreneurship.

I want to make sure you can implement everything I teach you, even when we're done working together.


/// lifestyle entrepreneurship

a business that revolves around the life you live

Becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur means creating a business (or convincing an employer) to allow you to work from any location.

This kind of work is not necessarily easier, as it requires you to create your own structure and systems.

Freedom of time and space  motivates me but helping   others achieve that for themselves inspires me.


/// work love balance

where the work you do meets the relationships you have

This includes your relationship with yourself.

Create a strategy to maintain the relationships that matter to you while still doing work you love.

Whether the work you love to do is for yourself or someone else, create space to care for yourself and your relationships.


/// business empowerment

just start the business

We live in the future. I'm still surprised almost everyday that I'm able to do the work I do.

Starting a business and then facing the reality of building that business can give anyone a major case of imposter syndrome.

Here's the cool thing: every person who's done it is another example that you can, too.


/// money mindset

adopting a healthy money mindset helps you to manage your money better & even make more.

Talking about money can be so uncomfortable. It doesn't have to be.  When it comes to your relationship with money, defining money in a healthy way will help you manage it better and attract more into your life & business. Sips tea.


/// Clarity call


Need a second set of eyes on your newest service, offering or project?

I'll review your offering and then we will jump on a video call where I'll give you feedback, help clear things up, and provide you with resources and actionable next steps to make sure your project exceeds your expectations.


/// one on one coaching


You and I will collaborate to identify your business goals  & together we will create systems to ensure you realize those goals.

Already have a business and in need of strategies to help balance your work and life? I can help you there too.

I'll guide you through defining your business goals, growing a healthy mindset and creating a
work-life balance based on  a foundation of self-care.  




/// On retainer


Have someone in your corner who knows your work and lifestyle goals.

Being a small business owner or solopreneur can feel lonely and isolating.

I’m here to bounce ideas off of, give feedback, provide constructive and actionable next steps for any part of your business. No matter how small.

My goal is to help you build something great while maintaining the life balance we all need to stay centered.


let’s work, together.
email me to get started.